As a visual artist and writer, I am fascinated by the cultural diversity of the city and its inhabitants. Rotterdam, the city where I have lived since 2001, made me into the eager collector of portraits, mythological sculptures and personal stories that I am today.

My art projects and performative acts are aimed at public participation. Encounters and conversations with strangers are the starting point and the source of inspiration for my sculptures, drawings, collages, staged photos and stories.

Since I am interested in meeting a diverse public from all layers of society, of different origin, background and age, I often travel with my studio. I set up my working table in public spaces, such as cafes, libraries, barbershops, parks, schools, festivals or museums.

During my informal ‘consultation’ hours, I accumulate stories about family affairs, migration tales and unique life experiences. Simultaneously, I make quick drawings, sketches in plasticine and write notes, which I later work out in my permanent studio.

Although my artistic work is based on true events and oral histories, in contrast to journalism or history, my work moves in a grey zone between fact and fiction, documentation and interpretation. I mythologise the stories, and in doing so universalise them, in order to create visual poetry, or as I call it: The Museum of Subjective Science.

 contact: efrat.zehavi at gmail.com    address: Drievriendenstraat 3014 JS Rotterdam © Efrat Zehavi 2019

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mother_janleppinkInstallation & performance mOTHER. Stedelijk Museum Schiedam 2018 – 2019. Photo: Jan Leppink

mother-9Installation & performance mOTHER. Stedelijk Museum Schiedam 2018 – 2019. Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

contact2Installation & performance mOTHER. Stedelijk Museum Schiedam 2018 – 2019. Photo: Gil & Moti

contact1 Passportraits Performance. Dusseldorf 2011. Photo: Andreas Lange





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