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Heroes 2002 – 2004

Heroes 2002 – 2004

Displeasure City prologue,
Photos’ of plaster sculptures & text, Sculptures 35 cm high, photo size variable


I am looking at them from a distance.
Although it is the first time I see them,
I know that they are the heroes with whom he went to dive.
They know I was his girlfriend, and now it is his funeral.

I am in the cemetery, in the entrance hall.
The place is full with crowd.
I cannot see anybody.
He is lying there on a stretcher,
totally covered with a white sheet.
“I love you so much”, I call aloud.
I cannot close my eyes.

I am looking again at the heroes.
I am trying to understand from their faces:
What is the mysterious charm that made him follow them?
Why did he let himself become blind by the black hole?
I would like to decipher what is hiding behind their sphinx-like masks.

I see his two childhood friends hugging each other.
One is chattering:
“why didn’t I tell him that I loved him?”

I am standing in front of the fresh tombstone.
I read his words that were carved on the black marble:

“The difference between knowing and understanding
Is like the difference between heaven and earth”…

I cannot feel anything.

I focus my eyes on the black space between the white letters.
The letters disappear.
I see a reflection through the black marble.

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