ANONYMOUS GLOSSY 2016 – 2017, book launch at TENT Rotterdam
An artwork disguised as a luxury magazine, Anonymous Glossy was published in an edition of 500 copies. Each copy is numbered and signed. 336 pages, size: 22×28.4 cm, printed full-colour on acid-free Tom & Otto Gloss paper.

The diversity of Rotterdam has fascinated me for years. I wanted to get to know my fellow citizens better. Therefore, for roughly one year, I set up my working table in public spaces in the city, such as cafes, libraries, barbershops and so on. I invited strangers to be portrayed on the spot in colourful plasticine. During the modelling sessions, people told me about themselves: their origins, life experiences, disappointments and dreams. In Anonymous Glossy I gathered the stories of my models with photos of their (plasticine) faces. By giving a ‘stage’ to unknown people, I temporarily transformed them into celebrities. Therefore, I see Anonymous Glossy as a ‘monument to anonymity’. In Anonymous Glossy text and image work together: they reinforce and complete each other without being illustrative.

Anonymous Glossy consists of three core sections: Cityscapes: a series of theatrical staged photographs –a parade of costumes and plasticine portraits of Rotterdam’s citizens. Inner City: a series of short stories that about my encounters with my models. It also features personal fragments based on my memories. The stories are illustrated with graphite, pencil and ink drawings. Fake Advertisements: a series of collages combined with ‘slogans’. Read more about Anonymous Glossy: text by curator Nat Muller and a short lecture of curator Wilma Sütö (only in Dutch)

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