Passportraits  An ongoing interactive performance with audience participation, a growing collection of more than 300 (photographed) plasticine portraits combined with text.

With a suitcase full of plasticine I travel around. On different public locations, I invite passers-by to be portrayed in a soft colourful modelling-clay. During the modelling session I try to get to know something about my sitters. I interview them about their personal life experiences, (political) opinions and beliefs. The conversation is part and parcel of the experience; it makes the sitters an active element of the performance, and the intimate conversation into a public event. After about an hour, the miniature clay portrait is ready. Later on, I photograph it from three different angles, like a passport or police photo. Every participant is sent, via e-mail, a digital photographic triptych of his portrait, accompanied with a memorable quote from our conversation.For a complete documentation of all passportraits and performances on location, visit: